About Us

ShopNaturalProducts.com has a mission to be the leading source of vitamins, supplements, herbs and other natural healthy living products. We are committed to helping customers to achieve their health and wellness goals with the highest level of service, low prices, and the best selection of natural, organic and healthy living products available.

We also believe that education is the key to making the right health decisions. Combining the best products of the natural world with the latest research, health news and information to serve our customers at the highest level.

Best Prices
ShopNaturalProducts.com offers wholesale prices on thousands of vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter products so that you can get high-end products you need at an economical cost. Most of the products we carry are sold at the Published Wholesale Price which is typically 33% to 75% less than what you would pay at the retail level.

Our Products
ShopNaturalProducts.com offers products from a wide range of leading brands. Our brand products offer health conscious consumers the option of single convenient powerful formulas of nutrients, in the proper dosages, to effectively address specific health concerns. Now consumers can replace an entire supplement regimen with one cost-effective nutraceutical. Formulations are available to support weight management, vision, emotional health, brain function, joint health, and many more.

We Keep Your Shipping Costs to a Minimum
We ship all orders via FedEx, unless otherwise specified. Orders received by 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time are shipped the same day, provided that items ordered are in stock. Shipping & handling is a flat rate per order within the Continental United States, no matter how much you order. Please contact us via email for international shipping rates.

Why Buy From ShopNaturalProducts.com
Experience the Difference. Guaranteed to be of the highest quality supplements:

  • Contain beneficial amounts of the finest, most highly targeted nutrients available
  • Undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure that ingredients meet or exceed the high standards of excellence
  • Provide safe and effective nutrients in highly absorbable and bio-available nutrient forms.


Exceptional Value
Capsule per capsule:

  • You receive highly concentrated, active ingredients - Not those less effective and non-standardized mixtures sold by other companies
  • You pay less for our products as compared to brand name supplements, without sacrificing quality or potency


Formulating and manufacturing the highest quality supplements is not an easy endeavor. It requires a great deal of hard work, experience and expense.

We are passionate in our mission and committed to supporting your good health by providing you with the very best in vitamins and supplements!