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Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate:
Recently published research has indicated that a combination of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate can help osteoarthritis suffers to slow, heal or prevent the degeneration of cartilage and resume active lives. Both European and US researchers have been experimenting with this combination and have found that it does relieve people's symptoms.*

What is Glucosamine?
Glucosamine is an amino sugar critical to the integrity of joint tissues. Glucosamine Sulfate is its best-studied form, officially recognized as an aid to osteoarthritis with the national health organizations of over 100 countries as well as with the World Health Organization. It is a primary constituent of proteoglycans, which are used by the body to form articular cartilage. It stimulates the synthesis of cartilage components so that joints can be repaired. Further, Glucosamine Sulfate has been shown to exert a protective effect against joint degradation and to enhance the synthesis of hyaluronan, the substance that give the joint fluid its thick viscosity, providing lubrication between the synovial membrane and cartilage.*

What is Chondroitin?
Chondroitin sulfate falls into a category of compounds known as “glycosaminoglycans” – basically a long chain of specialized polysaccharides (or sugars). In the body, chondroitin is used as a building block for larger structures known as proteoglycans – which are in turn used to form connective tissues such as cartilage. Chondroitin is related in structure and function to another sugar derivative, glucosamine, both of which are widely used as dietary supplements to nourish joint cartilage.*

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